4 Ways to Make it Impossible Not to Click on Your Headlines

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If you want people to come to your website and read your content, you are going to have to create headlines that they will be able to resist. If you notice, the websites out there that have consistent viral content, like Cracked.com, use amazing headlines that you can help but click on and find out what is behind them. Those are the kind headlines that you should be going for. Here are some rules to help you craft the perfect headline.

First, use some sort of number in your headline. Top 10 lists are always popular five ways to do something is also a great way to get clicks. It doesn’t really matter what number you choose, although 10 does seem to get more results than anything else, but always use some sort of number when you make a headline.

Second, use great adjectives. Come up with some great adjectives that will make people want to click on your headline. Words like unbeatable, amazing, astounding and many, many others can all be used to craft a headline that is impossible not to click on. Again, look at Buzzfeed and Cracked to see what sort of headlines they are creating and then do the same thing.

Third, make your headline unique from everyone else’s. Use words that other people aren’t using in your headline. In fact, make your article and your headline is unique as possible because you need to stand out from the crowd not be part of all the other headlines out there. If you are competing against viral sites and using the same headlines you are going to lose. They have more writers, more money and more experience to get traffic to their site so that means you need to stand out as much as possible.

Fourth, a great trick to use is to make an irresistible promise. Of course, you have to follow through with that promise in some way but you can be creative and still make a promise that people are going to want to click on. For example suppose you created this headline: How to Lose Weight by Eating More.

This is a headline that people would definitely click on because people that want to lose weight also want to eat but you could make the article about eating negative calorie foods like celery or any foods that burn more calories eating them than they actually provide.

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